Old Boys Club - Revival Of The Real

by DJ PRESSURE (The Old Boys Club)

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Golden era hiphop. We are a huge collective of MCees, a Scratch DJ, Producers, Graff Writers, B-Boys and Beat Boxers from all over the world ENGLAND. IRELAND. WALES. OSLO, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA and USA


released October 6, 2015

The Old Boys Club are as follows:

Dj Pressure RAPstation Radio, Crown jewelz, Pedigree Chumps, Noz (Pedigree Chumps), D-Monarch (Crown Jewelz), Kid Tsunami, Slap Up Mill (Pride Vibes), Chuck D. (Public Enemy, HipHopGodz, RAPstation radio, spit digital) Darian the Great aka shank sixizoo (Sound Bwoi Killaz & Rebel Coalition), DJ JS-1 aka Jerms (Rock Steady Krew & Rahzel), D Strong, roskrypz. Miss toffalees, Ruste Juxx (Duck Down), Boogie Waters, Kid Vibe, CleverOne (Da Buze Bruvaz), Pawzone, Tek da Supah Latin, Click Rivera, Mark Deez. Quintesence (Famob) Menace, Loon (crown jewelz) Mr.CRF (RAPstation Radio, cbp & Pedigree Chumps), Primetime, G-lox, Black Spade, Keith Science, D strong, Dw Smith (helionz) Ad1 (aerosolik) Joe Blow, Dick Dasterdly (helionz) El Raw (cbp) S Kalibre (pride vibes) Ad1, Beit Nun (init records) Soul Theory from Norway, Musik G aka Mikee Sparks (underground army) Late. Lethal, Jaysun & BeatHead from the West Coast Trade School, Dj Poz, Sinead Haze. Podge Dwyer, Junior Disprol (Dead Residents), Chilly Chill (Zulu Nation), Stu Hagon (bass), Jane Ellis and Wordsmiff

Special thanks to:

I thank first and foremost D-monarch for huge effort he put in to mixing & mastering. The grueling job we had of making the Old Boys Club cypher video. He did a flawless job on the editing, mastering and attention to detail of the artwork.The huge task of sifting through the thousands of cuts I sent him for the album and the expertly worded press pack. He also delivers hard vocals with finesse on many of the tracks.......

Noz. He worked very hard mixing & hard mastering many of the Old Boys Club tracks. Delivering his finest vocal delivery in style on many tracks on the album. As well as being patient as this project has been a long one......

Mike s aka slapupmill. Mike has delivered some dope beats on the album. He has helped us from the start as he and I are the original Old Boys Club. Mikes expertise in promotion has been a real bonus, Also dropping dope remixes of boombap & four elements tracks too.

lee Terry. Thanks for the tech/web help, and for you having belief in the OBC project from the start,

All the old boys club krew for your patience, contributions & professionalism, also thanks to everybody involved who kept the project quiet for a long time.

Massive Thanks to:

To All the staff & Djs @ www.RAPstation.com inc Raul Campos, Chuck D, Gary G Wiz, lbc Leblanc, wildman steve, Pepr, dj Terminator x & Dvs, Mary Maxine, indie wilson, Chrysta Monique & She Movement, hiphopgodz, Mike Tillery, Dj Lord, paul judo manci, umberto massamilano (Germany) diamond d, lord finesse, The Crown jewelz, dj soulbuck, shareef hakim @black fist street team, chris shaw, Dave the ruff, dj rasp, dizzy fenom (usa) the critical beatdown posse, kate gammel, jeff kramer, Dj Poz, daniel brookes, Red venom, stella steve, cudy, eric t, dj mello, dave buckwild, drg, all the old skool hiphop heads from manchester, pressy, chris shaw, bboy faro @BTwist studios, tuf tim twist, kelzo, DR G, 7 spherez, dominika chudyk, ryan proctor, www.ughh.com, steve mitchell for my turntable tatoo lol, janine & bren ryan,jeff kramer, matt bloom, Diamond D, l/orange, leaky fresh, dr g. stu allan, Dj Uncut Raw, Chris Phylm, Dj Paul Weston for the dope graff, ali m, jamie,gam & aziz, silver fox, louisa - thanks, neil guinivan, sefton mottley, dj didgit - More bounce promotions, joint one radio (japan), grownuprap (promotions), junior disprol,,dj mezza, barnz, kenny p, dj sho, the monton clock posse where i got my dj name since 1987 i may add, barton posse, all the old skool taggers from manchester, jms,sfh,nsu,tdk, fozzy bear, paul corf, Tyler norrey. Lee terry. katie fitzpatrick @MEN media manchester for the great press coverage. Everyone @ the links christine & leonie & Pikey pete, thanks for your patience & letting me go on with myself lol, Steve beswick, tony flynn @ salfordonline for the story & support, mc ladytame, jojo mavarakis, Dj shorty, mc shay d & all djs @itch fm, Professor goldberg (nyc) my brother Micheal Brown, props to Claire rye for the dope graff, Gody, Pete frost & the all the frosts,the coffey family, the diabetic nurses @salford gateway, john paul mulhern aka jp, lisa baxandale, barry seratte, Stu Lally, phill biell, Delvo & steve Loughrey. Dj soulbuck IIourshow on u.t.m. radio thanks for the dope review, janine & bren kasim, ryan proctor, scratchdablock, El dizzle, colin long & kirsteen, retro, my cousin adrian wilkinson, ikem & gogo, eric t, dj melo, fyza, nyoil, percee p, dj dummy, mc shan, lord jazz, mikey d, smudge smith, dynamax zulu nation, nathanial owens, iris science, charli 2na, chip fu, danny taylor, Eddie deaux, him lo of da buze bruvaz,fist coalition, Vernon Davidson aka dj daddy v aka the governor from Philly, G-lox, Jason leal, monagraf & damage (wcts) the paleface junkiez, nox noix licka (holland) colm earl (eire)
John-Marc Ormechea for the badass review (nyc) Props to the fans of the TURNTABLE CYPHER SESSIONS. Nicky bell for the show support on twitter, Also Fans Of the CLASSIC MATERIAL RAP SHOW On CRUISE FM, thanks to jay sea bea & marky mark, francoir @The bridge Promotions, Verbal Kent, the underground army, dj Jepi @Bassstation, Mark ski @ funkbyfunk.com, Maximum fm (toronto) All the mcs who dropped killaz bars on the Setting Standards mixtape volume 1 including grand surgeon, boogie waters, cleverone, shank sixizzo & Verbal skillz, look out for new track fists of fury & the dope video from cleverone feat dj pressure on the cuts, also i have recently done cuts for west coast trade school feat eddie brock, grand surgeon, crown Jewelz, mrcrf & el raw, ad1, & the paleface junkiez, michelle walsh & snapey, graham hendry, And to all our friends & family's. My wife Michelle my & children Jack & Bobbie & My Mam, and all my acquaintances who had faith in me from day one that i will get my dream, and the OBC team to represent that real boombap hardbody hiphop....




djpressure Manchester, UK

The Old Boys Club - DJ pressure - Noz - D-Monarch & Slapupmill

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